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Gardenville Station layers trade, skill, sunshine and community to create a space for local people building real things--transforming vision into products, products into creations, or material into beautiful function. Envisioned by a San Francisco native who got tired of clamoring for space to store tools, build things, and run a business. He scanned the city for an affordable, flexible space that could be shared with other locals, builders and designers, who were seeking project capacity, specialized machines, occasional thought partners, and a reasonably central location for City-serving businesses. In 2017 he and his wife found, and founded, Gardenville Station.

Gardenville has had many lives. It’s been a home and a playground for artists and makers.  The Green Tortoise, San Francisco’s iconic slow-road bus tour company chartering adventure travelers since 1974, made its home at the facility for many, many years.

The name - Gardenville Station - grounds us literally and figuratively. Station links us to that past as a hub of exploration, buses, and touring, and Gardenville‘s original structure was constructed in the late 1800's by "Gardenville Homestead Company," launched in 1867. Our name reminds us that a place has history, and the Bayview - still the sunniest San Francisco neighborhood - was once a hub of wholesale nurseries. It was also home to active shrimping and butchery industries in addition to the more well-renowned shipyards.  

We’re proud to give Gardenville Station its next life, cultivating local craftsmanship, skilled trades, and small, growing businesses. 



Lease an Office, a Studio, or a Locker and join us today.

Make something real.

Make Something Real


Gardenville Station is a professional community and design-build facility, rooted in a 1,000 square foot professionally outfitted Woodshop.

The Woodshop opens onto the Gardenville Yard, containing four private Container Studios with independent light and power.  In addition to project space, specialized tools, and materials storage, leasing an 8’x20’ studio container enables ready access to the shared Woodshop.  

There are also five traditional Office spaces, offering small businesses secure and private light-soaked spaces, access to amenities and a shared conference-meeting space.

For part time or artists and woodworkers, Gardenville Memberships grant scheduled access to the Woodshop and community workbenches, generally during weekend and evening hours, in addition to a small tool storage Locker onsite.