Gardenville Station

Is home to a diverse community of builders, artists, makers, and xs.  A professional community brought together by an eye for design, a desire to excel, an opportunity to swap inspiration, and an appreciation for the wisdom and malleability of wood.


Sidewalk Boxes

Thanks to the San Francisco Planning Department's vision and foresight, Lightwell Mighty built a pair of functional, sleek, and stylistically spot on "what are they called" to hide away trash, recycling, and compost AND to demarcate outdoor seating at The Riddler, a champagne bar on Laguna near Hayes.  More information →

Coming Soon...

What will you build here?   More information →


Coming Next...

Art?  Form?  Creation?  .Did you take a picture of the bathroom cabinet? More information →

To Be Revealed...

Screen shot of Building Program on shane's computer.  More information →